Cosmic Ordering -
The Missing Secret!

The Idea Of Cosmic Ordering Has Become Hugely Popular Over The Last Few Years - And No Wonder!

With a number of celebrities publicly endorsing it and saying they owe much of their success to having used 'Cosmic Ordering' it really is not surprising that everyone is desperate for a piece of the action!

What exactly can you order? Anything you can possibly imagine!

  • Order as much money as you can handle

  • Buy a top of the range car

  • A new house - even a mansion!

  • New designer label clothes

  • Exotic holidays - or a second home abroad!

  • A new partner

  • New Friends

  • Good health

  • Absolutely Anything!

Can you imagine how fantastic it would be if cosmic ordering really was as easy for everyone as some people say it is?

Just put in your order to the universe and it is yours.
Just wait a short while and it will appear

But not everyone has been successful.

- So why does it not work for everyone?
Why do some people attempt cosmic ordering yet their order never arrives?

Have they done something wrong? Is there some kind of secret?

No, they have not done anything wrong, but y
es, there is a 'secret' to making it work.

And more and more people are  understanding 'The Secret.'

That it is your own mind that is really responsible
for what you are experiencing now.

That is what Cosmic Ordering is about

Latest advances in quantum physics have proved beyond doubt what the ancient religions have been saying for thousands of years, that reality is a product of your mind, and if you change the way you think, you can change your reality.

The law of attraction is a fact, and you really do attract the same energies that you put out, but are you putting out the right energies?

If you think about success and abundance you will receive it. If you think about your lack of success and financial problems then you will receive more of the same.

The role of the subconscious mind is to keep everything in the body working well, and in the same constant state all the time. This is known scientifically as 'Homeostasis'.

And so, because for years your subconscious mind has been used to you not getting what you want or deserve, then that is what it perceives as being 'normal'.

If you have only ever had poverty and disappointment in your life, then that is the state your subconscious mind tries to keep you in.

So as soon as you try using Cosmic Ordering, your subconscious mind works against it and starts to say things like 'you don't deserve it' or, 'you don't really need that' - anything to take your focus away from believing and knowing that you deserve more, and so it prevents you from receiving what you want and living your dreams.

But you truly can change everything and anything about yourself starting today!

When you use cosmic ordering, you are telling the universe which direction you want your life to go, but if this is too much of a change from the way things are at the moment then your subconscious mind acts against it.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind, it has been scientifically proved that you will be able to get whatever you want and achieve whatever you desire out of life.

Once your subconscious mind realises that it is okay for things to change then cosmic ordering will work for you and you will start to receive everything you desire.

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Is A Cosmic Order A Waste Of Time? - cosmic ordering Everyone has something they want and cosmic ordering is the name given for the process such that these desires are identified and your order is fullfilled by the universe.

With no doubts at all an order to the cosmos can then be placed asking for your desire.

Utilizing cosmic ordering in your life Whatever you have wished for should now be left with the universe which will fulfill your desire whatever way it chooses.

Your positive energy is tapped into and your dreams become reality with cosmic ordering. You get the things you desire, by the very real power of manifestation

How wise is it to trust the idea of cosmic ordering? According to New age theorists it is the electro magnetic signals which control what we know as reality or the world around us. Magnetic charge is given out through our emotions and electrical charge by our thoughts. If it is possible to tune your thoughts and emotions and then utilize the enormous power of the charge produced, it is possible to efficiently transform the universe which surrounds you and you will give you whatever you desire.

Have you considered cosmic ordering? Make sure that you are clear in your mind what you want. Whatever it is you really want should appeal to your heart and you should be able to feel joyful and charged up with the achievement of this desire. Once you have decided about what you desire, you need to now see yourself getting this in your mind.

You'll need to prepare yourself to use the cosmic ordering system by having a positive attitude. You can use affirmations, meditation and self-hypnosis to get ready.

Imagine them as already being fulfilled. Your emotions will work in tandem with your thoughts to make this happen. It is important to keep imagining yourself with the objects of your desires.

Communication with your subconscious mind is not difficult; it can be done with meditation, self-hypnosis, and positive affirmations.

Including cosmic ordering to assist you All this means is that you have used visualization to imagine what it is you want, you have ordered your wish and now are merely waiting for delivery of your wish. You need to place the order with the cosmos so then just patiently wait and leave it for the cosmos to arrange for the delivery of your wishes.

The huge advantage with cosmic ordering is that your focus remains intact. Making a note of your desires help you to fulfill them. You will find an increase in your self confidence when you know that your desires are going to be yours.

Having a focused, positive attitude is really important with cosmic ordering. This is actually the most vital thing you need to focus on. By being positive at all times you can have all you desire. In other words, your life will change. If at the moment you are content while waiting for your wish, then visualize how great you will feel when your wish actually arrives.

what is cosmic ordering? You will start experiencing very positive things. With the positive energy within you going to the cosmos, the result of which is that you are miraculously introduced to positive people and positive opportunities and your health is also positively affected. Positive thinking will mean an improvement in your basic health and far less stress.

Do everything possible to make sure that you finish the cosmic ordering process. Be really clear about your desires and do not lose faith or doubt that you will receive everything.

You need to write down your goals and keep reading them until they start to appear.

Looking into cosmic ordering. You will After usually quite a short time see things start to change with fulfillment of your goals. To bring this about however you must visualize regularly.

Have you looked at cosmic ordering? These days, more and more people are trying to enhance their lives by various means. They are trying to have a life which has the luxuries that they desire and are also able to want and appreciate the blessings that they already have.

Looking into cosmic ordering. There are many options out there that promise to help you manifest your dreams, but none that work as well as cosmic ordering.

Practicing cosmic ordering is not hard at all. It is possible the easiest process that you can do to bring change to your life. Is there a down side to cosmic ordering? As with everything in life, there will always be pros and cons, depending on its use. If you think about and believe negative things then these negative thoughts will begin to manifest.

Making use of cosmic ordering to make a new life Cosmic ordering can be defined as a spiritual practice which allows you to obtain everything that you desire from the universe. It can be likened to an ordering service, where you will get whatever you ask for or want from the universe.

More about cosmic ordering. Make no mistake, this is a spiritual technique � but you do not have to be a ascetic saint of some sort to realize the advantages which cosmic ordering can bring to you. All of us have this ability already.

Utilizing cosmic ordering to help you Cosmic ordering is the spiritual manifestation of your goals and dreams. You will ask for or order from the universe, what you want. This could be nearly anything. Perhaps you would ask for a change in your circumstances that will ultimately lead to the attainment of your desires.

Chances are more likely then not that you have done this in the past and not even realized it. Think back about a time where you wanted something, or needed something and then by coincidence you got it. This wasn't coincidence; this was cosmic ordering at work.

What exactly is cosmic ordering? Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer believe that to manifest your order with the universe, you need to be in something known as the 'field of intent'. This is nothing but an invisible energy field which aids and catalyses the connection between the spirit and the universe and helps in manifesting our desires.

There are a lot of us who have tried to order what we want from the universe; there are several different reasons for this, but by far the most common is the belief that there are not enough of the good things in life for everyone to have what they want.

Understanding more about cosmic ordering. Chances are more likely then not that you have done this in the past and not even realized it. Think back about a time where you wanted something, or needed something and then by coincidence you got it.

Believing cosmic ordering This wasn�t luck or even a coincidence; this was the work of cosmic ordering.

What is meant by cosmic ordering? Using cosmic ordering relies a lot on the power of intention. The power of intention is the combination of our desire to create an improved situation and our belief that we really deserve what we are requesting.

The key to making cosmic ordering effective is to truly believe that you deserve to have your goal. - Trust in cosmic ordering

What if you can't understand the concept of cosmic ordering? When saying 'I need a new job,' or 'I want a sport car' but believing deep in your heart that you shouldn't have these requests because you did nothing to earn them, then your cosmic order will be left unfilled. If you really want a better life, you must truly believe that a better life is what you truly deserve.

How wise is it to trust the idea of cosmic ordering? You need to believe beyond all doubt that you are entitled to have what you're asking for. Cosmic ordering also has its own set of pros and cons much like so many things in life but what we need to realize, this process is far easier than all those other processes which promise happiness and success.

If you believe that negative things will happen, cosmic ordering will also deliver that. Including cosmic ordering in your life

When saying 'I need a new job,'or 'I want a sport car'but believing deep in your heart that you shouldn't have these requests because you did nothing to earn them, then your cosmic ordering will be left unfilled. If you really want a better life, you must truly believe that a better life is what you truly deserve.

What is meant by cosmic ordering? It's hardly surprising that so many people are simply unable to bring about change in the way they think, given they have spent a large percentage of their lives focusing on problems and other negative aspects.

These were the easy steps on learning about cosmic ordering. All that is required from you is to be positive, you need to trust yourself and keep faith that it will work. The main thing which you always must focus on in this process is that you stay happy and positive throughout the whole process.

Utilizing cosmic ordering to help transform your life There are many people who have lived much of their lives not having much and as a consequence, come to believe that they deserve no better than what they have. The subconscious is a powerful thing and it can hold you back from your goals is you let it. It can even prevent you from making positive change which will improve your life!

An understanding of cosmic ordering. In some cases, your subconscious mind works against you in an effort to keep circumstances in your life exactly as they are at this moment. For true success with cosmic ordering, your subconscious mind must be prepared to accept the fact that is right for you to seek change in your life, allowing you to receive all that you want.

As noted by Dr. Wayne Dyer as well as Dr. Deepak Chopra, in order to place an 'order'with the universe, you must be within the 'field of Intent.' This is an invisible energy field where the spirit makes a connection with the universe and returns your conscious desires.

Optimistically using cosmic ordering Communication with your subconscious mind is not difficult; it can be done with meditation, self-hypnosis, and positive affirmations.

More about cosmic ordering. Of course you may be skeptical but please just remind yourself that scores of people have changed their lives using this process so it can and does work. After all, you have nothing to loose but you have a lot to gain.

The thought of being able to order anything you want from the universe and actually getting it, is something more and more people are thinking about. Quite understandable really when one considers the sharp increase in the amount of publicity cosmic ordering has enjoyed recently.

It seems that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon now that so many celebrities are vouching for it. The question remains though, what are your chances of success as an average person?

Countless people have made significant alterations to the circumstances in their life by implementing cosmic ordering. Do you strongly believe that you can have a better life and that you deserve it? The time is now to use cosmic ordering to ask for and receive everything that you truly deserve in this life.

The theory is that everyone can make it work, but the people that have not achieved success do not understand that they actually sabotage their particular cosmic order. People have to understand that whatever you imagine will occur is what actually occurs!

The right to use cosmic ordering belongs to one and all, allowing everybody to get what they desire. Of course some people will point out that they have never had a desire to be ill or in financial difficulty and admittedly, they are right.

The problem does not lie with cosmic ordering, but with the way that the desires are channeled. Try not to say things like, 'I really don't want to become ill'. This is an example of a negative way of seeking what you want.

Alternatively, rather spin it around a little and say you are exceptionally healthy. In this manner, focus has been directed towards health rather than illness. It is this positive approach that is in line with the workings of the universe.

This process of cosmic ordering of always being positive and enjoying your life as if you have already received your wish gives you many benefits like, positivity is all around you with people full of joy, you will also tend to be happy all the time.

Many people find that this is where they fall down, when they are looking at affirmations and positive thinking. When you put out a lot of energy looking at where you are, you will find that the universe just gives you more of the same, and that this is the cosmic order that the universe is hearing!

There is solid scientific evidence which explains how the cosmic ordering system works and with the right tools, you can also make your cosmic ordering and get anything that you want.

If you are around other people, their belief systems affect yours. You will find that if you were teased as a kid, there was a good chance that you allowed them to inform your belief and that in a way, really did make you too fat, too skinny, too clumsy or too nerdy!

Whatever you do, do not overlook the role your subconscious mind plays in this process because in many instances, it's one's subconscious that prevents you from cosmic ordering as it simply does not allow you to believe you can have anything you want when in fact you can.

If we lived in a perfect world, each child would be given the knowledge and the support that they needed to make them realize that they deserve everything they want. In our world, children are taught that it is wrong to want a lot and that it is bad to receive something unless you have worked hard for it. There needs to be a special reason, children are taught, for them to deserve good things.

According to Drs. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, you must be within what they refer to as your 'field of intent.' The field of intent is simply an invisible field of energy in which the spirit makes connection with the universe and conscious desires are returned.

This fact is just not right! There is quantity enough for all. You are allowed to order by the sheer reason that you live! You are not allowed what should be others though. This negates the service actually.

The method of cosmic ordering is easy but people still can't reap what they asked for. Many reasons can be though of for this. The first reason is that people cling to old beliefs. These beliefs state the fact of not enough stuff to go around to all the people.

If you really think that there is not enough for everyone and that you have to fight and covet to get even what you have, you are putting the idea out there that there are people who have and that you need to take what they have. Be happy for others and recognize that there is, in fact, lots to go around.

Does the power of positive thinking really have an effect on our lives? You bet it does. To stress this point, remember that there are scientific studies that have proven that a humans brain is able to create waves of energy that are able to move a quark.

Changing the way we think and the way in which we have been schooled to believe, is by no means easy but it can be done. Admittedly, in order to tackle this immense task, you�ll need all the tools you can find.

There are numerous tools but two which always spring to mind, are self-hypnosis and subliminal suggestion. Both these powerful tools avoid interference from the logical processes of our brain and instead, they go to work on our subconscious minds, the area in which our beliefs are embedded.

A lot of people try but fail to get the things that they want. There are several reasons for this, but the biggest is that they do not believe that there is enough of the good things in life for everyone.

You are able to take control of your future, but you must believe this without any doubt. By using some of these very effective tools you'll be able to clear the blockages and order all that you desire from cosmic ordering. LINKS Cosmic Ordering Cd Cosmic Ordering Celebrities Cosmic Ordering Complaints To The Universe Cosmic Ordering Connection Cosmic Ordering Connection Download Cosmic Ordering Course Cosmic Ordering Courses Cosmic Ordering Daily Mail Cosmic Ordering Definition Cosmic Ordering Diary Cosmic Ordering Do Cosmic Ordering Does It Work Cosmic Ordering Download Cosmic Ordering Dvd Cosmic Ordering Easy Cosmic Ordering Energy Cosmic Ordering Examples Cosmic Ordering Experience Cosmic Ordering Expert Cosmic Ordering Faith Cosmic Ordering For Cosmic Ordering For Beginners Cosmic Ordering For Beginners Book Cosmic Ordering Form Cosmic Ordering Forum Cosmic Ordering Free Cosmic Ordering Free Download Cosmic Ordering Free Ebook

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